You've made an awesome product.
Now what?

Learn from an NYC Sales & Distribution Manager.

Every brand wants their product on store shelves but many do not understand the costs + lead times to get in or what to do once they get there.

How to talk to chain stores & distributors

4-week LIVE online class.
Monday nights 8pm EST.
Limited seats. 100% personal attention.

  • Gain 4000+ store lists
  • Learn how to build authentic relationships with store buyers.
  • Find a distributor and learn how to support sales.
  • Gain promo calendar, sku tracker, and more templates for success.
  • Learn about margins, chargebacks, and promos.
  • Gain continous coaching once the class is done.

“Truly the best investment I've made for my business. Taking Sandra's course has saved me so much time and energy, but most importantly, has given me the confidence boost I needed to navigate this challenging industry.

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